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Men of Character, Pastor Bob Seal, 2 Peter 1:3-7, 6-16-19

June 2017

How to Apologize

There is always going to be conflict, but what should we do about it? According to the Bible, we should apologize. This week’s message gives us five ways to apologize.

May 2017

Don’t Touch – Now Touch

This message is the last is the series on the 5 Love Languages, Physical Touch. The Lord is a touching God, and He wants to touch you.

Give and Life Comes

Do you like to receive gifts? Everyone does, but for some people its their love language.

The Greater Need

For some people Acts of Service is their love language. Not to others, but to them. Some people need to see others do things for them.

Eagerly Desire, Quality Time With You

This sermon is the first message from the series based on the %5 Love Languages. This week its, Quality Time.

April 2017

Words of Affirmation

We all need words of affirmation. But, if its our love language it fills our love tank. This week Pastor Bob helps us understand the book, The 5 Love Languages”

The Offer of Relationship

What happened at Easter made a relationship of God possible. God is inviting man to a relationship with Him through faith in Jesus Christ.

March 2017

Jealousy, The #1 Threat to Relationships

Jealousy is the cause of many problems in relationships in the Bible, and in our everyday lives. This week Pastor Bob looks at the problem of jealousy.

God’s Way of Marriage

Many say marriage is an old fashion idea, but the Bible says marriage is God’s idea. This week Pastor Bob helps us understand what God has to say about marriage.

God’s Way of Marriage – Part II

God has a plan for marriage, it’s to point us to Him. This week Pastor Bob helps us understand the value of marriage.

How to Love Difficult People

We all know difficult people, but how should a Christian deal with them? Jesus commanded us to love them. This week Pastor Bob helps us understand this important part of being a follower of Christ.

Guard Your Heart

We are called to guard our hearts. This week Pastor Bob helps us understand how to set proper boundaries to have great relationships.

February 2017

Introducing the Holy Spirit


January 2017

The Formula for Extreme Blessing

God wants to bless His people. However, many times He can not because we are robbing from God. The week Pastor Bob teaches about the blessing of tithing.

December 2016

Sharing In His Glory

When the shephards were the first ones to receive the good news of the coming of the Messiah, and the glory of the Lord was all around them. Today the glory of God is the hope of the believer, hope for today and hope for all eternity.


4/10/2016 – Exodus 3:7-10

3/6/2016 – One With God, John 17:20-23

2-21-2016 – Doing the Work Jesus Did – John 14:12-14

2/7/2016 Brining Peace, John 16:33

1/24/2016 – 1 John 2:6

Holiness Bible Conference – 1/10/2016 – PM

Holiness Bible Conference – 1/8/2016 Dr. Jesse Middendorf

Holiness Bible Conference – 1/10/2016 – Sunday AM Dr. Jesse Middendorf



12/06/2015 – Gabriel’s Declarations – Luke 1:26-38