April 2019

Easter Celebration Service – Look Into the Tomb

He is Risen!  This week we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  Peter ran to the tomb looking for Jesus but He was not there.  He looked at the evidence, then he believed. 

Good Friday Message – Secret Friends

Jesus had two secret friends that came out of the shadows in His time of need.  

40 Days of Prayer – Pray Without Ceasing

The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing.  How can we do that?  This week our 40 Days of Prayer campaign continues as Pastor Bob helps us understand how to pray continually. 

40 Days of Prayer – Praying In Five Different Directions

Have you ever been pulled in different directions at the same time?  Then you need a multi-directional God!  This week we continue our 40 Days of Prayer with Praying In Different Directions.

March 2019

40 Days of Prayer – The Fundamentals of Prayer

This is the second week of 40 Days of Prayer.  This week Pastor Bob helps us understand the fundamentals of prayer.

40 Days of Prayer – Do You Want to Grow

February 2019

Personal Power


January 2019

Happiness In the New Year – Part 1

What makes you happy? Everyone wants to be happy, but do you know how? In this series Pastor Bob will help us understand what the Bible says about how to be happy.

December 2018

Prepare the Way – Making Room For Jesus

John the Baptist called to make room for Jesus, and so are we.

October 2018

Crucified With Christ

What does Galatians 2:20 mean when it says to be crucified with Christ?

September 2018

Intercessory Prayer

Jesus intercedes for His people, and He calls us to intercede for each other.

How to Pray

Jesus teaches His disciples to pray.

Praying in a Crises

Ever been in a crises?  This week we look at how God helped Elijah during a crises in his life.

August 2018

Build On the Rock

This week Pastor Bob helps us understand Jesus is the Solid Rock.

Faith That Leads to a New Road

Todays passage is James 2:14-26.