Monday Moring Thoughts

Happy New Year!  Yesterday we looked at the story of the Wise Men and their search for beauty in Matthew 2:1-12.  The Wise Men wanted to find the one born King of the Jews because they realized He was the long awaited King of Kings, and that His kingdom would never end.  They ignored what others said, they paid no attention to their discomfort, their only goal was to find the King and worship Him.  Then as an automatic response to their worship they opened up their treasures and gave gifts.  A long time ago I heard the statement, “Loving equals giving,” meaning we give to what we love.  That was the experience of the Wise Men and I have found it to be true in my life as well.  I’m attaching two links below to an audio testimony from Bob Hoots who has been called miracle man.  Bob died on the operating table but God in His sovereignty brought him back to life.  In His testimony he tells about waking up with a song on his mind.  The name of the song was “I Wish I had Given Him More.”  This week let’s join the Wise Men and bow at the feet of Jesus and worship Him, and surrender our lives giving everything to Him.  Part one,, part two


Blessings My Friends!

Pastor Bob

P.S. Don’t forget our Holiness Bible Conference with Dr. Jesse Middendorf starts Friday night at 7:00, see you there.

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