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Men of Character, Pastor Bob Seal, 2 Peter 1:3-7, 6-16-19

December 2016

Born Again

Jesus said, you must be born again. This week Pastor Bob helps us understand the new birth.

November 2016

Say Thank You

We are all grateful, but the real question is do we say thank you. Many times we take it for granted that people will know how we feel, but they don’t unless we say it… Thank you!

How And When to Fight

Nehemiah faced a challenge, but gave him the courage to stand. This week Pastor Bob helps us understand when to stand and when to fight.

Moving Forward In the Face of Opposition

In Nehemiah 2 we read the story of how Nehemiah lead the people to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. However, not everyone was happy about the walls being build. Nehemiah didn’t give in to opposition and neither should the people of God.

October 2016

Everyone’s A Builder

Nehemiah was sent by God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. God send His Son Jesus to build His Church. A place of protection and shelter for His people. This week Pastor Bob helps us understand how each follower of Jesus is building the church.

What to Do When You Receive Bad News

We all receive bad news. But, what should we do when bad news comes? This week Pastor Bob helps us understand Biblical truths from the story of Nehemiah.

Is The Bible True

The Bible is true. This is a big statement because everything we believe as Christians depends on our belief the Bible is the Word of God. This week Pastor Bob will help us understand why the Bible is true.

September 2016

The Second Coming of Christ

Jesus is coming again. This week Pastor Bob helps us understand the end times.

What Happens When We Die


Why Does God Allow Suffering

Why does God allow suffering? This is one of the most important questions of our time. This week Pastor Bob helps us understand that God is good and He is working to redeem this troubled world.

Judge Not

Many people quote the first part of Matthew 7:1, “Do not judge.” However, they leave off the rest of what Jesus said about this important topic. This week Pastor Bob helps us understand what Jesus said about Judging.

August 2016

Come and Follow, Come and Die

The calling of Jesus is to follow Him. He call the first disciples to come and see, then He called them to come and die. This sermon is taking from Matthew 4:18-19 and Matthew 16:24. Pastor Bob helps us understand how to follow Jesus all the way.

July 2016

It’s That Simple

We don’t like complicated. Jesus said to believe in His message we had to become like a little child.

Trust – The Unwavering God

God is unchanging. This week Pastor Bob helps us understand, we can trust God because He is always the same.

Trust, Out of Reverence

Those who follow Christ are called to love Him, but we are also called to revere Him. This week Pastor Bob calls us to reverence the Lord.


4/10/2016 – Exodus 3:7-10

3/6/2016 – One With God, John 17:20-23

2-21-2016 – Doing the Work Jesus Did – John 14:12-14

2/7/2016 Brining Peace, John 16:33

1/24/2016 – 1 John 2:6

Holiness Bible Conference – 1/10/2016 – PM

Holiness Bible Conference – 1/8/2016 Dr. Jesse Middendorf

Holiness Bible Conference – 1/10/2016 – Sunday AM Dr. Jesse Middendorf



12/06/2015 – Gabriel’s Declarations – Luke 1:26-38