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Men of Character, Pastor Bob Seal, 2 Peter 1:3-7, 6-16-19

August 2018

Best Day of My Life

What is the best day of your life?  In this message Pastor Bob says the best day of our lives is the day we come to faith in Jesus Christ.

June 2018

Good For Evil

Putting our lives in the proper order gives us the power in our faith.

Safety In Numbers

John 8:1-11

May 2018

Breaking Through the Grip of Anger

The Discipline of Self-Control


April 2018

Crazy Busy, Finding Margin in Life


The People Pleaser Set Free

We all have a need to please others, but what happens when our need to please controls our lives?  God says we are to fear Him and not others. 


Have you ever felt lonely?  This week Pastor Bob reminds us we are never alone when we are in Christ. 

March 2018

Jesus Before the Sanhedrin

This Sunday starts a new series getting us ready for Easter Celebration.  Matthew 26:57-68

Trust In God!


February 2018

Rev. Henry Mills brings the Word of God

The text is found in Luke chapter 19.

January 2018

Major Lessons from Minor Prophets

From the series Major Lessons from Minor Prophets titled “Fear the Lord”.  Our text comes from Malachi 3:16.

Major Lessons from Minor Prophets – Haggai part 1

A study of the minor prophets

Major Lessons from Minor Prophets – Haggai part 2

Part 2 of our study on Haggai.

Godly Reminders

We forget a lot of things, that’s why God is gracious enough to remind us. In 2 Peter 1:11-12 it teaches us to be reminded.


4/10/2016 – Exodus 3:7-10

3/6/2016 – One With God, John 17:20-23

2-21-2016 – Doing the Work Jesus Did – John 14:12-14

2/7/2016 Brining Peace, John 16:33

1/24/2016 – 1 John 2:6

Holiness Bible Conference – 1/10/2016 – PM

Holiness Bible Conference – 1/8/2016 Dr. Jesse Middendorf

Holiness Bible Conference – 1/10/2016 – Sunday AM Dr. Jesse Middendorf



12/06/2015 – Gabriel’s Declarations – Luke 1:26-38