Monday Morning Thoughts

We don’t like ugly.  When we see things that are unsightly our first response is to look away.  Sunday we looked at the parable Jesus told about the rich man and the beggar named Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31).  Lazarus, full of sores and starving for food, was laid at the gate of the rich man in hope he would receive some kind of help.  Basic help like… food, water, medical attention, shelter.  Our natural tendency is to look away from ugly and difficult situations.  The rich man acted very natural and looked away not making any effort to help.  Jesus told the story to illustrate the calling of God’s people to look at the ugly of the world and not turn away, but to take the love of God to the sores of the world.  God puts people at our gates who suffer from the sores of life for us to apply the healing power of the Gospel.  This week let’s look for the ones God puts at our gates, let’s not look away but let’s bring the love of God to the broken of our world.
God is good!
Pastor Bob