Conroe New Horizon Church of the Nazarene

 New Horizon’s Story

New Horizon has a long history of proclaiming the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and the in-dwelling of the Holy Spirit in Montgomery County.  The church was started in 1946 with the name of Conroe Church of the Nazarene.  A devoted group met in a tent for several years on Sherman St. in Conroe, until a small building could be erected.  Exciting worship and fiery preaching were hallmarks of those early tent meetings.  The church soon outgrew the building on Sherman St., and erected a new building on the corner of First St. and Silverdale in Conroe in August of 1960.  The church members engaged in many ministries to reach out into the community, and they remained focused on their mission to proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior and the subsequent filling of the Holy Spirit leading to heart holiness.  The church decided to change its name to New Horizon in 1985 to reflect the new life that is found in Jesus Christ.  The church continued to grow and eventually new facilities were needed.  Just over five acres of prime land was donated to the church on FM 3083 in 1998, and on July 2, 2000, the church held its dedication service for the new facilities.  The church continues to worship at the FM 3083 location and invites all to come and share in the love and grace of Jesus Christ the Lord.

Purpose Statement

 Our Mission… to make Christ-like Disciples.

The mission of New Horizon is to make Christ-like disciples, and we are guided by three principles:

  • Safety – God’s House is to be a place of love.  One where we can “confess our sins to one another” and let our burdens be lifted by each other.  It is to be a place of Christ-like community.
  • Service – All Christians are called to serve, not to be served.  The church endeavors to provide opportunities for its people to share Christ with each other and with our city in Christian love.
  • Holiness – It is God’s will for His people to be Holy.  This church is committed to the demonstration, preaching, and teaching of Holiness.  The power of the Holy Spirit is lived out in pure love.

Follow this link for a statement of what we believe, here.